Wallet Kit

React Hooks and Components for better interaction with Arweave wallets

Note: The Arweave Wallet Kit is in BETA.

The Arweave Wallet Kit is designed to facilitate interaction between different Arweave wallets and dApps. It provides a unified API that can support any kind of wallet made for Arweave while allowing the user to interact via their favorite wallet.

The library offers a set of React hooks and components with deep ecosystem integration.

Supported wallets

The library supports any Arweave wallet that injects its ArConnect-like API into window.arweaveWallet. The main wallets supported as of now are the following:


The Arweave Wallet Kit supports several strategies. The word strategy means an implementation of an Arweave Wallet in the Kit. These strategies allow the user to communicate with all wallets the same way and with the same API.

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