Auth Plugins

Plug in a external package to arweavekit/auth

The use function exposed via the ArweaveKit object from arweavekit/auth package allows you to plugin external packages into arweave kit package.

Basic Syntax

The function is called as follows:

import * as externalPackage from 'externalPackage';
import { ArweaveKit } from 'arweavekit/auth';

const arweaveKit = ArweaveKit.use({ name: 'MyPlugIn', plugin: externalPackage });


The ArweaveKit object imported also contains all functions from the ArweaveKit package for ease of use.

Create a Plugin

Most existing packages in Arweave will already be supported without any additional work, the functions just need to be defined and exported in the external package:

import * as ExternalPackage from 'package'
export function PackagePlugIn() {
    return ExternalPackage

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