Query All Arweave Transactions

Query GraphQL for all Arweave Transactions data iteratively

You can query for all transactions on GraphQL endpoint using the method thats described here.

Basic Syntax

The function that we will be using is queryAllTransactionsGQL. For implementation details, see below.

import { queryAllTransactionsGQL } from 'arweavekit/graphql';

const response = await queryAllTransactionsGQL(queryString, options);

Input Parameters

You must supply queryAllTransactionsGQL with two inputs.

  • QueryString: string - A valid GraphQL query string with the first filter.

  • Options: object - An options object.

    • gateway: string - Gateway url like arweave.net

    • filters: object - Filters object like first: 100.

Returned Data

The expected response will be a list of GraphQLEdge

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