Decrypt Data with AES

Decrypt Data with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

The decryptDatawithAES performs symmetric encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), specifically the Galois/ Counter Mode (GCM).

The AES key and the random initialized vector (iv) used at the time of encryption are needed to decrypt the data.

The iv is part of the combinedArrayBuffer returned as the encrypted data from the encryptDataWithAES function. The decryptDataWithAES functions splits this into the iv and actual encryptedData on the backend before decrypting the latter.

Basic Syntax

The function is called as follows:

import { decryptDatawithAES } from 'arweavekit/encryption';

const decryptedDataObject = await decryptDatawithAES({params});

Input Parameters

The following params are available for this function and they must be passed in as an object:

  • data: ArrayBuffer : The combination of the random initialized vector prepended to the encrypted data as an ArrayBuffer generated at the time of encryption.

  • key: string : The encryption key generated at the time of data encryption using AES-GCM and used for encrypting the data.

const decryptedDataObject = await decryptDatawithAES({
    data: ArrayBuffer,
    key: string,

This encrypts the provided ArrayBuffer using the AES-GCM encryption method.

Returned Data

The function call returns the following data:

    rawEncryptedKeyAsBase64: Base64 string,
    combinedArrayBuffer: ArrayBuffer,
  • decryptedData: ArrayBuffer : The decrypted data returned as an ArrayBuffer.

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