Get Wallet Balance

Get the balance of an address

The getBalance function returns the AR token balance in Winston (smallest possible unit of the AR token) for a given wallet address. The AR token is the native token in the Arweave ecosystem.

Basic Syntax

The function is called as follows:

import { getBalance } from 'arweavekit/wallet'

const address = await getBalance({params});

Input Parameters

The following params are available for this function:

  • address: string : The wallet address passed in as type string.

  • environment: 'local' | 'mainnet' (optional) : The environment on which the wallet balance must be fetched.

The local environment is configured to port 1984 and must have an arlocal instance running on the same port in the background for the function to work successfully. To create one, simply run npx arlocal in the command line. Learn more about arlocal here.

options : Additional options can be passed in as a JSON object.

  • winstonToAr: boolean (optional) : Set this to true in order to receive wallet ballance in Ar instead of Winston.

Winston is the smallest possible unit of AR, similar to a satoshi in Bitcoin, or wei in Ethereum.

1 AR = 1000000000000 Winston (12 zeros) and 1 Winston = 0.000000000001 AR.

const walletBalance = await getBalance({
    address: string,
    environment: 'local',

This returns the AR token balance of the entered wallet address in Winston for the chosen environment.

Returned Data

The function call returns the following data:

  • walletBalance: string : Wallet balance in Winston returned as type string when the winston parameter is set to true.

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