Get Transaction Status

Get the transaction status of a posted transaction

There is a wait time involved between requesting to post a transaction on chain and it actually being posted.

The getTransactionStatus functions provides the status for a given transaction on whether it has been successfully posted on chain or is amidst processing.

This function is only valid for transactions for which the post request has already been sent to the network. Additionally, this function only works with transactions generated with the default param for network (i.e. the arweave-js library. Support for the Bundlr SDK is not available currently.

Basic Syntax

The function is called as follows:

import { getTransactionStatus } from 'arweavekit/transaction'

const status = await getTransactionStatus({params});

Input Parameters

The following params are available for this function and they must be passed in as an object:

  • transactionId: string : The unique identification Id associated with a transaction.

  • environment: 'local' | 'mainnet' : The environment on which the transaction was posted.

An arlocal instance must be running on port 1984 for the function to work with the local environment. To create one, simply run npx arlocal in the command line. Learn more about arlocal here.

Returned Data

The function call returns the following data:

  status: 200,
  confirmed: {
    block_height: 1107205,
    block_indep_hash: 'O0VduHn7GsBx0jsLVKXSPpx_ue-GRXpX56_1hfmIOrVI9sQFVe1ABb8iDDLJBzlu',
    number_of_confirmations: 18358
  • status: number : The status is an indicator on whether the transaction has been successfully processed. It must return the value 200 for the same.

  • confirmed: object : The confirmed object contains additional information regarding the successful processing of the transaction.

    • block_height: number : The height or block number in which the transaction has been processed.

    • block_indep_hash: string :

    • number_of_confirmations: number : The number of blocks in the network that have been mined since processing of the given transaction.

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