Get User Details with Othent

Getting details of user logged in using Othent

The userDetails function returns details of the logged in user associated with their user account.

Ensure you have pop-ups enabled in your browser for the URL you'll be using this function in.

Basic Syntax

The function is called as follows:

import { Othent } from 'arweavekit/auth'

const result = await Othent.userDetails({params});

Input Parameters

  • apiId: string : Use of any Othent function requires an apiId which can be fetched from Towards the bottom of the linked page, the Get your API ID button provides the same.

const result = await Othent.userDetails({
    apiId: string

This function get the details of the connected user associated with their connected account.

Returned Data

The function call returns the following data:

    contract_id: string,
    given_name: string,
    family_name: string,
    nickname: string,
    name: string,
    picture: string,
    locale: string,
    email: string,
    email_verified: string,
    sub: string,
    success?: string,
    message?: string
  • contract_id: string : The contract_id is the wallet address associated with a user's email account, provided to the user at the time of registration with Othent.

  • given_name: string : The given_name is the connected user's first name associated with the email account.

  • family_name: string : The family_name is the connected user's last name associated with the email account.

  • nickname: string : The nickname is the connected user's initials associated with the email account.

  • name: string : The name is the connected user's given_name and family_name joined together.

  • picture: string : The picture is the connected user's profile picture associated with the email account.

  • locale: string : The locale is the connected user's preferred language associated with the email account.

  • email: string : The email is the connected user's email address.

  • email_verified: string : The email_verified holds information the confirmation status of the email.

  • sub: string : The sub is a unique id for Othent's reference.

  • success: string (optional) : The success status of function call.

  • message: string (optional) : Any message to be returned with function call.

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