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Connecting a web wallet on Arweave
The connect function connects an application to a web wallet and gives the application appropriate permissions based on the input parameters.

Basic Syntax

The function is called as follows:
import { ArConnect } from 'arweavekit/auth'
const response = await ArConnect.connect({params});

Input Parameters

The following params are available for this function and they must be passed in as an object:
  • permissions: array : The permissions array consists of specific permissions that the application requires to perform actions on behalf of the user. Currently there are 8 permissions available. Read more here.
  • appInfo: object (optional) : Additional information about application like name and logo. This is suitable for custom applications trying to make a connection.
  • gateway: object (optional) : The gateway configuration to be used while connecting web wallet to application.
    • host: string : The Hostname or IP address for a Arweave Host.
    • port: number : The port for the gateway.
    • protocol: 'http' | 'https' : The network protocol for the gateway.

Returned Data

The function call returns a void. However, the function can be coupled with conditionals to perform user authentication and display gated information.